My customers are not receiving email notifications

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Emails might not be received for some of the following reasons,

  • Email notification is not turned on

  • The corresponding activity has not taken place i.e. Invoice generation, Dunning, Renewal, etc.

  • Email configured is not sent to the respective contacts

  • You have reached the maximum limit of emails for your account

  • Email address is incorrect or not present 

  • Email delivery failure

You may experience this error when your customers are not receiving emails that are triggered for subscription, payment & invoice, customer retention, or self-service (i.e. verification) related events.

Turning on the Email Notification

  1. Turn On the Email notification.

  2. Similarly, if the email should be received by the billing or account contacts you can choose other contacts from the “Email options” under Email Notifications.

    For example, to send out “Payment Failures” related emails to your billing contacts, Go to Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Payment Failures > Edit > Check “Send to billing contacts” so that your Billing contacts receive the email along with the primary address contact of the customer.

    Ensure you Publish the changes done within the email notification.

Reached maximum Email limit

Chargebee provides 50 emails for the Test site and 2000 emails for the Live site by default. If you need to configure more emails than this configure your own SMTP server.

Email Delivery Failure reasons

You may experience mail delivery failures for a number of reasons like blacklisted IP address, invalid address, sender information inaccurate, no physical address, spam trigger words, inactive email address, etc. Contact support to know more about this.

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