How to get an email notification about a particular event?

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Adding email CC 

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Chargebee allows you to configure external alerts that are sent to the customer on particular events or alerts that can be sent internally to you and your team to notify them of important activities.

You can set alerts/email notifications using

1. Chargebee Notification

2. Email Notification


Chargebee Notifications 

Chargebee allows you to configure alerts that can be sent internally to you and your team to notify important activities. You can configure Chargebee Notifications to get information on:

  • New Revenue Alerts: When the first invoice is created for a customer.
  • Invalid Payment Methods: Whenever the customer's payment method becomes invalid.
  • Fraud Monitoring: Whenever a suspicious transaction is detected. Please do note that this supported only in Stripe.
  • Daily Digest Mails: Mails regarding sign up, transaction summary etc.
  • Gateway Reconnect Mails: Sends an email whenever there is a gateway access or configuration error.
  • PayPal Chargebee Replication alerts:
    Sends an email whenever there are subscription changes in PayPal.
  • Webhook Failure Alerts: When a webhook fails.
  • Chargeback Automation Failure Alerts: When intervention is required to perform operations on invoices and subscriptions under chargeback.
  • Chargeback Won: When the gateway notifies that a chargeback is won.

    Setting up Chargebee Notifications

You can set up Chargebee notifications in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Click Settings > Chargebee notifications

Step 2: Enable the notification that you wish to configure.


Step 3: Select the recipients. You can also configure notifications to be sent to people who do not have access to Chargebee. Enter the email address of the people you want to notify in the Others Chargebee users and people in your organization section.


Step 4: Click Apply Changes.

You can change the settings any time by clicking the Manage link next to the notification.

Email Notification

Chargebee automatically sends email notifications based on events triggered by the activity on the subscription, such as a subscription creation(sign up), subscription renewal or subscription cancellation. These emails intended design is to keep your customers notified about the activity on their subscriptions based on what notifications you have turned ON. 

If you are looking to get an email notification about a particular event, such as a subscription cancellation, you could include your (email to receive this notification) email address as a “BCC” for that specific email notification.

This way, every time a subscription cancellation email notification is sent to a customer, you would receive a copy of the email to your inbox.  To include the BCC email address, head to the email notification that you’d like to receive and click on the Add email address link on the left as in the screenshot below.

Settings » Configure Chargebee » Customer-facing essentials » Email Notification » Open Email Notification that is required.

Note: In the new version of the email notifications, if you have multiple email notifications enabled for a single action (such as sign up), Chargebee prioritizes and sends only one email which includes all the details of the subscription resource. So in this case, emails for all the events triggered might not be sent.

Also, The email is generated only when there is an email address on file.

What is Email Prioritization with V2?

Usually, for a single action performed for a resource, multiple events might be triggered and thus multiple email notifications would be sent to the customer. For example, when a customer signs up for a subscription, the events ‘subscription_created’, ‘customer_created’, ‘invoice_generated’ and ‘payment_successful’ might be triggered. 

To avoid spamming the customers with multiple emails for a single action, Chargebee prioritizes the email notifications in the new version(V2). Chargebee will send one email containing customer and subscription info, invoice info, payment info based on details relevant to the event. So, in this case, emails related to each event might not be sent.

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