Error - Customer email id not present

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This error occurs when you haven’t updated or entered a primary email address under the “Customer Details”.You will see this error message even if you have entered the billing, shipping, and additional contact email where the primary email address field is empty.

Ensure that you have the primary email address present with the customer record. You can do this through the UI, API, or the Bulk operation. 

Note: If you don’t have a primary email you can fill in any email address.


To update the email address to a customer record from the UI, Go to Dashboard, 


> Choose the customer 

> Click Change Customer Details 

> Enter the Email address 

> Click on Update customer


You can also perform this action via the API.


To bulk upload email addresses to your customer record, Go to

> Settings

> Import and Export Data

> Choose a bulk operation

> Customers

> Update Customers

Download the sample CSV

> Enter the details 

Upload the CSV 

You can find the detailed steps in this document.  Once the action is done, all the customers mentioned in the CSV will have the email addresses attached to their records.


After this, you will be able to send out emails to your customers.


  • Adding a Billing Contact - Your customer receives only payment and invoice related emails

  • Adding an Account Contact - Your customer receives an account or subscription-related email 

  • Adding an Additional Contact - Your customers can have additional users to receive a copy of their emails.

To know more about this, click here.

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