Redirect URL not working while integrating the plan using drop-in-script

Modified on: Wed, 7 Oct, 2020 at 8:29 AM

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The whitelisted domain matches the redirect domain still the redirect URL does not work


The redirect URL will allow you to redirect your customers to the custom Thank you page. This will override the default Chargebee “Thank you” page that can be configured at the Plan level or via the API

For your redirect URL to work seamlessly,

  1. Make sure you have whitelisted the domain (both source and destination URLs)for your custom URL

  2. Avoid integrating plan URL to open checkout 

    1. This is not a recommended approach while using Checkout V3 (In-app checkout) as the checkout configured loads on a new page instead of the native In-app pop-up behaviour of V3.

Refer the below articles to know more about 

  1. Whitelisting domains 

  2. Configure return/redirect URLs

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