How to configure return/redirect URLs in Chargebee?

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How to configure return/redirect URLs in Hpv3?

How to configure return/redirect URLs on PC 1.0/Hpv3?

How to configure return/redirect URLs on PC 2.0/Hpv3?


This article applies to users on hosted page V3/Modal checkout.

Note: To configure redirect URL on Checkout Hpv2, refer to this link.

When you are using Chargebee’s checkout page to complete sign-ups, and need to redirect your customers back to your app to a "Sign up successful" or "Thank you" page you can configure it using a redirect URL. 

If you’re using the Chargebee checkout-based integration, you can configure the redirected URL in the plan, from the edit page after the plan is created.

Redirect URLs:

  • Can be set up only during a plan creation or by editing an existing plan.
  • Must be added to all the plans which require users to be redirected after checkout.
  • Must be whitelisted in the Checkout settings (To do this, Go to > Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and self-serve portal > Advanced settings > Add domains. Add the URL and publish the changes.)

  1. How to set up a redirect URL:
    To configure your custom page URL Go to Dashboard > Product Catalog > Plans > Edit plan > Redirect URL

  2. How to set up a custom redirect URL:
    If you want to redirect a particular user to a particular page on signup (if you are using our API + Checkout page), then you can leverage our API to generate the checkout and pass your redirect URL in the parameter.
    Alternatively, you also redirect users to a different page by listening to the success callback from the Chargebee js. Here’s more.

Inapp  API + Checkout -> the redirect URL must be explicitly passed as a parameter as it won’t pick the plan level redirect URL by default.

Note: If you have enabled the 'one-time payments checkout' feature, then refer to this link to set up redirect URL for it. 

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