This article applies to users on hosted page V3/Modal checkout.

When you need are using Chargebee’s checkout paged to complete sign-ups, and need to redirect your customer’s back to your App on success, the redirect URL will need to be available

If you’re using the Chargebee checkout based integration, you can configure the redirected URL in the plan, from the edit page after the plan is created.

Note that you’d need to add the redirect URL to all the plan which require users to be redirected after checkout.

To add the redirect URL, head to the plan page under Product Catalog and click on the Edit Plan option on the right. Scroll down to the Hosted Pages section, click on “Use redirect URL” add the URL to which you’d like to redirect the customer.

Alternatively, For dynamic redirects.

You could redirect users to a different page by listening to the success callback from the Chargebee js. Here’s more.

Or if using out API + Checkout page - if you’re using the checkout API, you can pass the redirect URL with the redirect_url parameter.

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