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Redirect URL not working even after the setup of callback functions

URL is whitelisted but the redirect doesn’t work


The redirect URL can be configured at the Plan level or via the API to override the default “Thank you” page. If you are using a custom URL and you have trouble with the redirection, ensure you have whitelisted the domain (both source and destination URLs). 

If your customers close the checkout (applies to v3 hosted pages only) you can use the checkout callbacks.

  1. Whitelisting the domain

For example, if your source redirect URL is and the destination redirect URL is https://xyz/order-confirmation make sure you whitelist both. To do this, Go to 

> Settings 

> Configure Chargebee 

> Checkout & Self serve portal 

> Advanced settings 

> Add domains

  1. Closing the entire checkout using the (close) button 

Your customers may try to close the entire checkout box after a successful transaction, to support those cases, make sure you pass a redirect URL in the close ( ) callback using window.location.href = ' URL '. Refer to set checkout callbacks to know more about this.

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