How to delete a payment gateway?

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How to remove a payment gateway?


You can remove an existing payment gateway and switch to a new gateway in Chargebee by migrating your existing customer information from your current gateway to your new gateway. Before that make sure you have configured the new gateway in Chargebee so that new sign-ups flow through the new gateway. 

If you are looking to maintain the existing gateway and configure a new gateway refer to this article. 

If you are trying to remove/delete a payment gateway altogether,

  1. Migrate the existing card and subscription information into a new gateway account.

    1. To migrate the data, raise a migration request from your Chargebee site by navigating to Chargebee Dashboard >  Settings > Import & Export Data > Raise a migration request or click this link

    2. You will be assigned with a Migration engineer who will assist you with the request

  2. After migrating the data to your new gateway account, you will be able to remove the existing gateway from the smart routing rules, following which you will be able to delete the account.

Note: For a gateway to be deleted all linked gateway entities need to be removed. For example, credit card/customer linked gateway.  In this case you will be able to archive the gateway and not delete it.

Points to remember before switching to a new gateway:

  1. Ensure you have migrated the existing card and subscription information

  2. Configure the Smart Routing rules for the gateway to process the new transactions 

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