Will a new plan price affect the existing subscriptions?

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Does Chargebee support grandfathering?

If I change the price of a plan, would all active subscription prices also change? Or would they stay the same?

If I edit the price of a subscription does it affect the other existing subscriptions?

Does a plan price change affect the existing subscriptions?


What happens when you change the price of a plan?

When a plan price is updated, the new price is applied to all the new subscriptions created using that plan. Existing subscriptions are not affected and continue to renew at the old price. To know more, click here.

In addition to this, you can change the price of a plan at the Subscription level. Changing the plan price for one subscription will not affect the existing subscriptions. For example, if you want to make changes to a subscription that is priced at $10/month, to $15/month you can do so for that particular subscription which will not affect the existing subscriptions that are priced at $10/month.

Warning: For the above two to work you need to ensure that you have enabled the price overriding.

To change the subscription price, Go to Chargebee Dashboard,

> Subscriptions 

> Subscription details page
> Change subscription 

> Enter the new price

Apply Changes (to effect either Immediately or schedule the change to get effected On the next renewal.)

Note: You can only make subscription price changes to the per-unit or flat-fee based plan. However, you can make changes to the quantity for a volume, tiered, and stair-step plan.

Change subscription: Volume-based plan - Fixed plan rate that cannot be changed

Change subscription: Flat-fee plan - Plan price can be changed

Warning: Changing the plan will remove the coupon(s) which are not applicable to the new plan. 

Here's a video that explains the above scenario.

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