Editing a Plan's Pricing & Billing Frequency

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What is price overriding?

Can the price and billing interval of a plan which has subscriptions linked to it?

Can I modify the existing subscriptions' plan price?

It is possible to change the price of a plan which has subscription linked to it. However, the billing interval cannot be changed if the plan has been used in a subscription.

To change the price of the plan, first ensure that you have enabled the Price Override feature. Enable the Price Override Settings under Settings > Billing > Billing rules > Allow price override.

Next, navigate to Product Catalog > Plans > Select the particular plan > Click on the ‘Edit Plan’ option under Actions.


  1. Changing the price of the plan will not affect the existing subscriptions' price. The new price will be applicable only to new subscriptions. To update the price for existing subscriptions, you will have to override the price at the subscription level. 

  2. If you want to change the plan price of your existing subscriptions, you can manually use the Change Subscription option to override the price.

  3. Alternatively, you can use the Update Subscription API to make this change for customers.

  4. You can also perform a bulk operation to make the update for all the subscription at once via the UI.
    Here are the steps involved:
    - Get the list of subscription IDs using the Export option in the subscription page.

           - Navigate to Settings > Import & Export Data > Choose a Bulk Operation

           - Use the Update Subscription bulk operation. Here use the plan_unit_price field to specify the new plan amount. Refer to this doc for the details on the bulk operation feature.

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