Is there any option to add a trial period for a subscription/plan?

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Is there any option to add a trial period for a subscription/plan?

Can I give a trial on signing up?

I am offering two free months to a customer how can I put this?


When a plan is created a free trial period can be configured for a plan for the desired number of days or months. The trial period can be updated at the Create a New Plan & Edit Plan level


To create a plan with a trial period navigate from Product Catalog > Plans > Create a New Plan/Edit Plan. Here you will see the trial section where you can add the “Free Trial” days/months as per your business requirements.


PC 1.0: Setting Trial at the Plan-Level



PC 2.0: Setting Trial at the plan price point-level

You will get the trial section while creating a new plan in PC 1.0 but in PC 2.0 you will be directed to the trial section while creating Price Points. After creating a plan, you will be directed to Price points and while setting up a specific price point, you will have the option to set the trial period. It’s because some price points may not have a trial, so you can set trial specific to monthly/weekly/yearly/daily price points as per your business requirements.


Edit Plan

You can change the trial period using the Edit plan option which will take effect for the new subscriptions and the existing subscription remains with the previous configurations. In PC 2.0, you can edit the trial period from the Price point level.

   PC 1.0    

PC  2.0


When a customer signs up for a plan with a trial, the subscription is created in the Trial status and no charges are collected. At the end of the trial days, the subscription will automatically move to Active status and Chargebee will start invoicing the customers, based on the payment method available. 

When using APIs the default trial for the plan can be overridden for the specific subscription when the subscription is being created.
When changing plans for a subscription to a different plan the trial period of the new plan will be calculated from the customer original trial start date.
Subscriptions in an active state cannot be moved back to a Trial state.

To extend trial period on a subscription, refer to this link for more information.

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