How to configure and customise email notifications for internal purposes?

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I want my internal team to be notified whenever there is a new subscription. How to configure this? 

Can I customize email notifications in such a way that only my internal team receives it?

Can I send email alerts to non Chargebee users?


You can configure alerts that can be sent internally to your team whenever there is a new subscription, invalid payment, transaction failure, etc. 

Chargebee provides 2 types of notifications,

Chargebee notifications - Exclusive for internal users in your organization

Email notifications - Specific to your customers to notify them on subscription activities

  1. Chargebee Notifications - This is oriented to your internal users and is used to send emails to admins, owners or any other specific user within your organization

Chargebee notifications can be sent to non-Chargebee users. For example, to send emails to people outside the organization (that are not listed on Chargebee) use the “Other Chargebee users” option. 

How to set up Chargebee Notifications?

  1. Go to Dashboard, Settings > Chargebee Notifications

  2. Enable the alerts you want to receive notifications for and Click Manage

  3. Select the recipients from the list as displayed and click Apply changes.

  1. Email Notifications - The email notifications are designed specifically for your customers; they are event-driven and specific to your site. You can include other email address under bcc/cc if you want to include a copy of the emails sent out to your customers.

Warning: Your customers cannot be removed from these notifications. 

Note: You can also use Chargebee’s Webhooks to build a custom email using third-party integrations like Zapier, Moxtra. (manage externally outside of Chargebee).

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