How to allow trial users to sign up without entering their credit card details?

Modified on: Mon, 3 May, 2021 at 6:10 PM

Checkout V3:

The latest version of the checkout pages supports sign-up without entering payment details when there are no ‘immediate charges’. To enable this, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self Service Portal > Allow customers to checkout without payment details.

More on this here.

Note: This feature is applicable only for new subscriptions created through checkout. The total checkout value should be '0' or no immediate charges eg: a trial

Checkout Pages V2:

Sign-up without payment details is not directly supported on the earlier version of the checkout pages. However, you can set this up by building a form on your website to collect the customer's name and email address and create the trial subscription.

Attached is a sample sign up page with the code to create trial subscriptions without a credit card. Similarly, you can build your own form.

In the attachment, if you browse to "trial_signup > chargebee_js > signup.html", you will see a code similar to what I've pasted below.

The changes you need to make for this sample sign up form to work(indicated with arrows above) are:

1. Your Chargebee site name (only the sub-domain name).

2. A publishable API key. You can create one under Settings > Configure Chargebee > API keys > Add API Key.

3. Your trial plan ID. You will find this when you open your trial plan under "Product Catalog".

When creating a publishable API key, please ensure that you check the option "Use From Browser" as shown below:

And also select the option "Publishable API Key".

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