What happens when Auto collection is switched OFF at the subscription level?

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What happens when Auto Collection is set to On at the subscription level but switched Off at the customer level?


In Chargebee, the subscription-level auto collection takes preference for a subscription-related invoice. 

Auto collection status at the subscription level takes precedence over the customer's auto collection status, if the status is 'OFF' at the subscription level.

Payment Due Invoice status
If the subscription level auto collection is OFF and the customer level auto collection is ON, the invoice that is generated will not be attempted for payment collection, and the invoice status will remain in the Payment due.

Paid Invoice Status
If the subscription level auto collection is ON and the customer level auto collection is OFF, the invoice will be generated, payment collection will be attempted, and the invoice status will be Paid or Not Paid.

Note: Total Amount due for a specific customer
We have updated our summary box to provide a more streamlined and elegant user experience. With this upgrade, hyperlinks have been added to the summary box, allowing users to easily access related information. The Total Amount Due on Summary Section is available at the top of the Customer details page which provides a total amount due of a customer and hyperlink that directs to the details. Refer to this link
 for more details. 

You can also assign payment methods to a subscription provided, the customer has multiple payment methods on file.This is useful when the customer wants to process payments for subscriptions using different payment methods. Here is more information on the same.

Note: The subscription level payment method should be manually selected unless the customer defaults are selected to ensure changes made at the customer level do not affect the subscription.

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