How to collect payments for unpaid invoices?

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Unpaid invoices remain unpaid even though a new payment method is added

How to collect payment for the unpaid invoices in bulk?

How to collect payment for invoices?


In Chargebee, you can collect payment for the unpaid invoices of your customers for a specific invoice or multiple invoices. You can do this via the API, UI or the bulk operation.

Tip: To automatically attempt payment when a new card is on file, we request you to switch on the “Attempt payment collection when a payment method is added” from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing rules. (Your customer’s invoices remain unpaid and require a manual retry if this option is not enabled.)

Info: To handle payment retries on the occasion of payment failure, we recommend you enable Online/Offline dunning end action settings.

How to attempt payment collection for the unpaid invoices?

To attempt payment collection for the past invoices of your customers, you can use two options as stated below,

  1. Use the Collect Now button to process payment for a specific invoice that is in “Not Paid” or “Payment Due” state

    Collect Now - Chargebee’s Leap UI

  2. Choose the Unpaid Invoices option from Chargebee Dashboard > Invoices > Filters to narrow down your search and send bulk emails for “Payment Due” and “Not Paid” invoices.


  3. You can use the Request payment option using the Pay Now button that works via sending emails. To know more about Pay Now click here.

    1. To send a separate payment link with details of each unpaid invoice to the customer, you can add the PayNow link in the Invoice Receipt email notification. This will let the customers pay for the unpaid invoices using the PayNow button on the emails that they receive when an invoice is generated.

Note: You will still be able to collect payment for the subscriptions that are in the cancelled state. 

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