I can't find a CSV file where I have all the key buttons' names and descriptions for checkout and customer portal?

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How to edit the field names of additional language on the checkout page?

Is there any option to edit the titles of the custom language on the customer's portal?

What are the steps to edit button names using the language pack?


For language translation on the checkout and self-serve portal fields, you need to download the ‘Language Pack’ from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Languages. You can update the checkout and self-serve portal field names by updating the content on Column B in the hosted_pages_text_configurations.csv file from the Optional folder.

Optional Folder
This folder contains files with field names that are already translated if default translation is provided for the language by Chargebee. You can choose to override it. For other languages, however, there will be no pre-translated values and you need to provide them.

The translation files included in this folder are:
Self-serve portal

For the English language, by default you can edit the button field names on checkout and portal from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self-Serve Portal > Labels. Refer to this link for more information.

Step 1: To translate Checkout & Portal buttons’ field names, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Languages. Download the language pack and translate all the values in the language pack and upload it to the same page. 



Step 2: Once exported, unzip the downloaded pack. Navigate to the respective language folder. Then go to Optional > hosted_pages_text_configurations.csv.

Note: Language folders will be in the code name, say for example fr-French, en-English & de-German. Refer to this link for more information.

Step 3: Open the hosted_pages_text_configurations.csv file in an editable format and change the relevant field under the ‘Value’ column i.e, Column B. 

Note: You can edit this csv file either in a text editor or in Google sheets. Remember to save the file in the .csv extension only

All the checkout label fields will start with ‘inapp_checkout’ in column A.

Sample Screenshots

  All the portal fields will start with ‘inapp_portal’ in column A.

Step 4: Once the translation text is entered, upload the pack (only .zip format is supported)

In case, there are errors, the errors will be displayed and you can review the errors and fix them, before uploading the updated folder.

Refer to this link for more information. 

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