What are the default languages supported by Chargebee and how to configure them? How to add custom or additional languages?

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By default, Chargebee provides translations in six languages - English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Chargebee can also support other languages termed as “custom languages” for which you would be required to do all the translations at your end. 


To support such languages, you would first need to reach out to us to enable the language support from the back end. Once we add the custom language to your list, the language pack in your site will contain the additional custom language folder where you can add the translations.

You can download the language pack from under Settings >> Languages (under Customer-facing essentials), translate all the values for custom language in the language pack, and upload it to the same page. More details about configuring multiple languages within Chargebee can be found here.


1. For custom languages, it is necessary that you translate all the folders in the language pack.

2. You need to provide translation ‘values’ in each file mandatorily. If the translation value is not entered, Chargebee will NOT be translating the field, it will appear in the default language.

'hosted_pages_themes.csv' file contains themes related fields such as fonts etc, please do not translate these fields, however you can enter any specific font values if required.

Here’s a sample ‘csv’ file listing the PLANS for reference -

3. You could either choose to have the custom language as the site’s default language or as an additional language. 

Note: Multi-language support is only available for Chargebee users registered under "Rise Plan" or above.
To make changes to default language translation, refer to this link 

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