Where can I export non-recurring addons or charges in Chargebee?

Modified on: Wed, 24 Aug, 2022 at 2:25 PM


I am not able to export charges from the subscription page.

I cannot find non-recurring add-ons or charges on the subscription page.

Where can I export non-recurring addons in Chargebee?


You can export non-recurring addons or charges of the customers from the Invoices Index Page. You cannot export Non-recurring addons in PC 1.0 or Charges in PC 2.0 from Subscription Index Page because only recurring items will be available. 



You need to navigate to Invoices & Credit Notes > Invoices > Choose filter as ‘All Invoices’ > More Actions > Export Invoices CSV.

Once you export, you will find a zip folder on which you need to look for ‘LineItems.csv’ and you can use a filter in the excel sheet to define the list of non-recurring addons in PC 1.0 and Charges in PC 2.0.

Non-recurring Add-ons under ‘Entity type’ is ‘Ad Hoc’ in PC 1.0. 

Charges under ‘Entity type’ is ‘Charge Item Price’ in PC 2.0.

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