How to add a non-recurring addon (or Charges for PC 2.0) when a subscription is in the canceled state?

Modified on: Tue, 4 May, 2021 at 9:40 PM

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I want to add a non-recurring addon to a canceled subscription without reactivating it


You can charge your customers, with a non-recurring/one-time charges using the Add Addon option for the features/services (that are not a part of the plan) 

You can use this option for the subscriptions that are also in the canceled state. Using this option, you can let the subscription remain in a Canceled state and create an invoice without reactivating it.

Note: In case of PC 2.0 Chargebee account, the 'Charge'/'Quick Charge' can be added in to the cancelled subscription from the action panel similar to the above mentioned process. 


1. Using the Change subscription option, to add an addon is not recommended as this will let you reactivate your customer’s subscription to perform the changes, and moves the subscription from the Canceled state to an Active state.

2. This principle applies for adding unbilled charges to a canceled subscription as well

How do I charge a canceled subscription?

Go to the Subscriptions tab, Select the canceled subscription that you want to make changes to and click,

  • Add Add-on - when you have a pre-configured non-recurring addon in the subscription

  • Add Charge - to create a charge on the go 

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