Line items ID missing for tiered addons in the product catalog export

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I can’t see the Line item ID for the attached addon in the Product Catalog Export 

Why are some of the addons missing their ID in the export file for the Product Catalog?


The Product Catalog Export for the Invoice Criteria contains all the Invoice related attributes segregated into different export files for Merchant analysis usage. The line item tiered addon ID is present in the file "LineItems.csv" instead of “LineItemTiers.csv”. 


When we export this file via 
Settings > Import & Export Data > Export data > Invoices > Select criteria to export, the resultant export is a ZIP file that contains various CSV files which are to denote the various Entities and related attributes for the associated data present in the Chargebee environment.

Within this, there are two files named LineItems.csv and LineItemTiers.csv.

Going by the naming convention, it’s implied that the file named “LineItemTiers.csv”, will contain the Tiered line item details.

But, this ID is present in the file called "LineItems.csv", for the column named "Line Item Id".
One may refer to this file if you're referring to the Line Item IDs and the file named “
LineItemTiers.csv” if you're looking to refer to the tier definitions for the relevant Addons.

This information is crucial as this Invoice criteria export is often used to analyze finances for a business and is often a time-critical aspect of the Product

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