Customer request: CSV or Excel export of Invoices.

Create an invoice export report with the following fields for accounting purposes. 

Invoice, Customer, Creation Date,  Subtota, Credit,   Tax,   Total, VAT-ID

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This would be great addition! The current CSV export of invoices (and transactions) seems to be lacking tax info. So it would be great to get the Tax amount, tax percentage and VAT-ID, and the customer country (as that is required for new EU VAT reporting) as additional columns to the invoices export CSV (and perhaps to transactions csv too).

BTW. Thanks for excellent support with the Jan 2015 VAT change in EU! 

Hi Antti,

Thank you for your kind words. 

We will discuss your request with our engineering team and get back to you via email with an update.

The additional columns in the CSV will be added in one of our product updates in March.


Thanks for the great responsiveness! :) I hope and assume that the additional data will be useful for many european users, when doing their VAT reporting this year. 

Thanks! :)

has this been implemented? I cannot find it in my account

Hi Sebastian,

Yes, this feature is already there in Chargebee.

To export your invoices, navigate to Settings >> Import and Export data >> Export data >>  Select criteria to export >> Export.

You can find details like tax amount and tax rate in the LineItems.csv file and VAT number in the Invoices.csv file.

Hope this helps.

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