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Limitations of using Chargebee’s SMTP server


 SMTP Configuration 

Email notifications can be sent out to your customers using either Chargebee's SMTP server or your own SMTP server. There is a limit to sending emails using Chargebee SMTP however, you can use a customized SMTP server to send more emails. 


When using Chargebee's SMTP server, email notifications are limited to

  • 50 per day for the test site.

  • 2000 per day for all the plans in Live site except Launch plan which is restricted to 50 per day.`

The notification limit is reset every day at midnight UTC time. But if you are using your own SMTP server, these limits do not apply. You will have full control over the mails and can also check reports and deliverability. To configure the SMTP settings,

Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Change Settings

Configuring Your Own SMTP Settings

When you choose to use your own SMTP server, you can use your SMTP service provider's hostname, username and password, encryption type, and port number. The email notification limit for your custom SMTP server is decided by your service provider. Please refer to this link to know more about Custom SMTP for our email notifications.

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