Bulk upload subscriptions for an existing customer: Parallel processing of data

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How to import subscriptions from other billing systems?

How to perform bulk operations for existing subscriptions?

How to perform bulk operations using a sequential process?

What is the sequential processing of data in Bulk operation?



Bulk operation: Sequentially iterating each data 

This is a native process used in Chargebee to import the data from 3rd party applications into Chargebee. In this method, while importing the data, each and every record will be validated by iterating sequentially. Once the validation is completed the data will get imported again by sequential iteration.

The problem with this approach is for a huge amount of data say 100000, it will iterate every record sequentially for both validating as well as for importing hence it is a time-consuming process. This process can be used to import data from 3rd-party applications or to perform a bulk update on existing subscriptions in Chargebee. 

Refer to this link on how to import subscriptions using Parallel processing of data.

If you are to perform a bulk operation for existing data from Chargebee you may have to export the data from Chargebee and update those data to the import sheet from Bulk Operations. Earlier the export data format and import data format varied which involves a lot of manual intervention. With the new enhanced Export file option, you can either export a file using Download Data or use Download import-friendly file from Settings > Import & Export Data > Product Catalog. Refer to this link for more information.

To support this 

To bulk upload subscriptions to your customer record, Go to
> Settings
> Import and Export Data
> Choose a bulk operation
> Import subscriptions for Items (if PC 2.0)/ Import subscriptions for customers (if PC 1.0) and click on Proceed. 
Download the sample CSV
> Enter the details 
Upload the CSV 
You can find the detailed steps in this document. Once the action is done, all the customers mentioned in the CSV will have subscriptions attached to their records.


Navigate from Settings > Import and Export Data > Choose a bulk operation > Import subscriptions for Items (if PC 2.0)/ Import subscriptions for customers (if PC 1.0) and click on Proceed.

For PC 1.0

For PC 2.0

Step 2: Download the sample CSV file

Upon downloading the CSV ‘import_subscription_for_items.csv’. You can update the subscription records on this file. 

Your CSV data file should contain all the columns specific to the operation you are performing. The sample CSV file has most of the columns required for the operation
Do not edit the column labels in the sample file and make sure the file extension is .CSVClick here to read more
You can update this sheet with the data exported from the Customer Index Page

Once the file is exported, edit the file in CSV format and then you can update the subscription items required. 

The fields in the downloaded file have to be filled in as per the parameters given below.

1. PC 1.0

2. PC 2.0

Step 3: Configure your preferences

Specify your preferences on how Chargebee will perform certain actions when the Bulk Operation is underway:

  • Disable Webhooks: If you're an API user, you might be using Chargebee's webhooks to notify your system of any events that occur in your Chargebee account through the webhook URL.
  • Disable Email Notifications: If you've enabled Email Notifications in Chargebee and you are performing an operation (such as creating new subscriptions) that could trigger one of the enabled email notifications, your customers might receive an email notification.
  • Advanced Transformations: If your data file is in a format that is different from the format provided in Chargebee's sample CSV file and you would like to transform it to the recommended format with minimal effort, use this option. Contact support and we will provide you with the JSON code that you need to paste into the Advanced Transformations text box.

Step 4: Once updated, zip all the files in the same format it was exported, then drag and drop your data file into the web interface or upload it:

Once you've added all the information and the data file is ready, upload it. 

 If there are errors in the data file, you could either choose to fix the errors and upload another data file or skip the rows with errors and continue with the operation.

Click How do I fix this? to view the last 10 errors.

This section will also provide you with the options to download the validated file and upload a corrected file. Click here to know more about the bulk operation.

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