How to integrate Bluesnap and Chargebee?

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Using Chargebee and BlueSnap

Chargebee uses Spreedly, a third-party card vault, to store the customer's card information. If you are using BlueSnap's services already, you will have to migrate your customer's card information to Spreedly to start using Chargebee with BlueSnap. Contact for more information about the migration process.

Integration Options

OPTION A Chargebee's Hosted Checkout pages + BlueSnap

In this method, a customer's card information is collected by Chargebee's secure hosted pages and passed on to BlueSnap.
PCI Compliance Requirements: Low
Your PCI compliance requirements are greatly reduced by Chargebee's hosted pages. As a merchant using Chargebee's hosted pages, you have to submit a Self Assessment Questionnaire to stay compliant.

OPTION B Chargebee API + BlueSnap

In this method, the card information is collected at your end and is passed on to Chargebee later. Once captured, Chargebee would route the card information to BlueSnap.
PCI Compliance Requirements: High

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