How to create the Merge(variable) fields in Chargebee?

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How to create a custom payment update URL in Chargebee?

Can I use the mail merge fields with the API?


Chargebee allows you to personalize the content that is customer-facing like Email Notifications, Checkout and Portal, Invoices and Credit Notes using the Mail Merge Fields.

Note: You cannot use the mail merge fields via API. Instead, you can retrieve data using the standalone codes used for payment collection such as Invoice CollectionUpdate Payment Method.etc.

Displayed below are the images that guide you on where you can configure the Merge Fields in the UI,

  1. Email Notifications:
    To use Merge Fields for your Email Notifications, Go to
    Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Select the template > Click on View all Merge Fields and select one notification to obtain the merge field. 

To access the Mergevar fields use this sample format link: https://yoursite/notifications/mergevars

  1. Checkout & Portal: 
    To display the Return Variables after Checkout you can use the
    Show/Hide Mergevars option from the Hosted page Redirect URLs when you create a plan or use the Edit Plan option to make changes to an existing plan.

  2. Customize Invoices, Credit Notes, and Quotes:

To customize payment instructions for Quotes, Invoices, and Credit Notes Go to Configure Chargebee > Settings > Customize Invoices, Credit Notes, and Quotes and add the payment details for the mode of payment

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