How to disable email notifications for zero-dollar value invoices?

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For a free plan or 100% discount applied coupon, I don't want the invoice generated mail with 0$ to be sent to my customer. How to avoid this?

How to stop sending 0 value invoice emails?


If you are looking to limit sending invoices and emails to zero-value line items i. e. for a $0 plan or a plan for which a 100% discount coupon is applied, you can do so by selecting the “Don't attach zero-value invoices” and Don’t send email for zero-value invoices”option under Invoice Receipt Email notifications

1. Don't attach zero-value invoices - Let's you send out email notification without an invoice
2. Don't send email for zero-value invoices - Let's you stop sending an email and an invoice

If you want to send out email notifications to a specific set of customers or a plan you can use the Segmentation feature (Available only from Scale plan and above).

To do this Go to, Chargebee Dashboard, 

> Configure Chargebee 

> Email Notifications 

> Invoice Receipt 

Click Edit

Select “Don’t attach zero-value invoices” (and/or)

> Select “Don’t send email for zero-value invoices” 

Click Publish

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