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Hiding zero value line items from checkout pages and invoices

A zero-valued line item is a plan or an addon with the price set as 0. They are usually created to support use-case based solutions such as a freemium plan or metered billing.

You might have the need to hide these zero-valued line items from the checkout pages and invoice so as to avoid confusing your customers. For this, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing Rules and check the Hide Zero Value Line Items options. Once this is done, the zero value line items will be hidden on the invoices, checkout pages and customer portal. 


  1. If an invoice has only zero value line item(s), the invoice will not be generated. 

  2. This feature is applicable only to zero-valued line items and not the net invoice amount. If an invoice has non-zero line items but the net value is zero(for example a plan of $5 and a coupon of $5), the invoice would be generated and all line items will be shown.

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