How to cancel subscriptions and refund them in bulk?

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We have fraudulent charges from sign-ups by one of our affiliates. We need to cancel their account and refund their payments in bulk. How to do this?

We no longer provide service to a subscription. How to bulk cancel and refund customers?


In Chargebee, you can choose to cancel subscriptions of your customers when you experience: non-payments, fraudulent activities, or on customer request etc. 

You can cancel subscriptions from the Chargebee UI, customer portal or using the API.If you need to cancel more than one record you can use the Bulk operation. You can use a CSV import to carry out a bulk action.

Note: During cancellation you can choose to prorate charges or refund charges in full.


To do this, Go to Chargebee Dashboard,


> Import and Export data 

Choose a bulk operation 

Cancel subscriptions under the Subscriptions file. 

> Download the sample CSV 

In the CSV file, you will be required to fill in the details such as the subscription ID,end_of_term etc.

> Enter a value under credit_option_for_current_term_charges if you want to issue credits against the current term charges

Possible values to be specified are:

  1. none - No credits will be issued against current term charges.

  2. prorate - Prorated credits for the unused period will be issued against current term charges.

  3. full - Credits will be issued for all the current term charges.

You can pre-configure your cancellation settings under the Subscription cancellation.You can do this under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Subscription Cancellation

Here’s more on the subscription cancellation feature.

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