How do I configure refunds during cancellations?

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Handling refunds and credits on cancellation

Chargebee allows you to configure how Chargebee should automatically handle refunds, credits and other unpaid invoices when a subscription is cancelled.

To configure this, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Subscription Cancellation. This page allows you to configure the following cancellation settings:

  1. When should a subscription be cancelled - Immediately, or End of term
  2. For a subscription cancelled at the mid of term, how to handle

            - Credits - don’t issue credits/ issue full credits/ issue prorated credits

            - Refundable Credits - refund / retain credits

            - Unpaid Invoices - write off/ collect payment / retain as unpaid

You can also configure different actions for cancellations made via the web interface, self-service portal, API,  or scheduled cancellation.

Manual Refunds:

For one-off cases, you can also manually initiate a refund for an invoice. Navigate to the invoice details page and click on the Refund button on the Actions panel on the right. Here you can add a partial or full refund amount.

API users can call the Refund an Invoice API to initiate a refund for an invoice. 

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