How does parent billing work when invoices are consolidated?

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What if the child subscriptions started on different days of the month?

Does Chargebee consolidate child invoices of one parent account?


Chargebee lets you consolidate child invoices associated with one parent account only if,

  1. Consolidated invoicing feature is enabled

  2. All the child account’s subscriptions share a common billing date.

    1. If the child subscriptions start on different days, you can enable the calendar billing feature to ensure all subscriptions renew on the same day. 

Once the payment relationship is established between the accounts, all the payments will be processed using the payment details of the customer who is assigned as the payment owner (parent account). 

The proration is based on the calendar billing settings that is enabled on your site. Here's more on how a subscription will be aligned to the billing date. The prorated charge will be applicable at the time of alignment.

Here's more on how the invoicing feature works with respect to Account Hierarchy

Note: Account Hierarchy is only available on our Enterprise plan. 

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