How do I find failed webhooks and resend them?

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My webhook failed. But I couldn’t see any failed events on my Chargebee site.

How to resend a failed webhook event?


Webhooks fail for a number of reasons: Timeouts, Unauthorized access, when requests are redirected, etc. To know more about this, refer to this article

A webhook failure in Chargebee can be identified with the below options:


How to resolve it?

  1. A webhook failure email received from Chargebee

  • Check the webhook endpoints

  • Update webhook credentials and resend the webhook

  1. Using Webhook Statuses in Chargebee from Events 

Check the reason for the last call failure and resend the webhook

Note: If you do not find any webhook listed under Events, the webhook will be rescheduled later as per the retry schedule

Here’s the screenshot of the filter you can apply directly from Chargebee Dashboard, Logs > Events,

Chargebee’s Leap UI : Logs > Events

To resend a failed webhook

Make sure you have resolved the errors (or) updated the webhook credentials and

> Choose the webhook that failed (refer to the above image)

> Go to Resend webhook from the Actions panel to the right

> Click Select webhook

> Click Resend

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