I received a webhook failure email from Chargebee. How to fix this?

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Webhook URLs failed to respond with HTTP status code 200

Error code 403 from server: Authorization failed. Please provide the proper basic auth credentials

How to update webhooks?

Your server has indicated the request to be bad. Please check the URL or change your handling code.


You may observe the above errors when the webhook credentials and endpoints provided in Chargebee(Webhook Settings)are invalid or incorrect. Ensure you validate/update the webhook settings.

Chargebee will send an email at the end of each day when there is a failed webhook.


1.When the basic authentication for your webhook URL expires, you receive an email from Chargebee about the webhook failure, following which the webhook credentials must be updated at your end
2.Webhook failures do not affect payments
3.Up to 7 retries happen for every webhook that fails and at exponential time intervals.

To update the webhook settings, Go to Chargebee Dashboard,


Configure Chargebee

API and Webhooks

> Click Webhooks

> Click “...

> Click Update

> Enter the username and password

Click here to know more on webhook settings


1.The webhooks in Chargebee are marked as a success only when Chargebee receives a status code 2XX reply from the configured URL (to confirm that the notification sent via HTTP POST is successfully delivered.) 
2. Once you've configured the URL, Chargebee will post the event as a JSON to your webhook URL. For example, if a "subscription_activated" event occurs, then a notification is sent to the specified URL. 
3.If any webhook timeout, Chargebee will cancel and retry. 

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