How would I know if the configured webhook URL in my Chargebee site is failing?

Modified on: Tue, 31 Jan, 2023 at 9:59 PM

This article also covers

  • Does Chargebee retry sending the webhook notification in case of a failure?
  • Are the site users notified when a webhook fails?
  • How to configure the recipient of Webhook failure Alerts email notifications
  • Configure the recipient of Webhook failure Alerts email notifications


To mark a webhook notification successful, we expect the HTTP status code to be 200 from your webhook URL. If we don't receive a 200 response code, Chargebee automatically retries calling your webhook with the exponential time interval for next 3 days. You could also try resending it from our admin console. For the total number of retry refer here.

If all the retry attempts have failed, Chargebee sends a mail to the owner and all the admins of the particular Chargebee site, informing that the webhooks are failing. 

You can Configure recipients for 'Webhook Failure Alerts' from Settings > Chargebee Notification > Webhook Failure Alerts > Manage

The email notification will ONLY be sent for webhook call failures in the LIVE site and will only be sent once in a 24-hour period (from the first webhook failure) regardless of the number of webhook calls that may have failed during that time.

For example, if the first webhook failure occurs at 10 AM on January 1st, then an email notification will be sent right away. However, no emails will be sent for any failures that may happen in the next 24 hours. The next email will only be sent if there are any failures after 10 AM on January 2nd.

NoteChargebee Supports multiple API versions now. The api_version attribute indicates the API version based on which the event content is structured. While processing webhooks, ensure the api_version is the same as the API version used by your webhook server's client library.

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