My invoices are not moving to the Not paid state from Payment Due state. Why?

Modified on: Sat, 5 Sep, 2020 at 12:02 PM

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My invoices are stuck in the Payment Due state. Why?


In Chargebee, There are various reasons why the invoice level status does not move from the Payment Due state to the Not Paid state.

  1. Customer level Auto Collection is set as OFF

  2. Offline Dunning is disabled

  3. Payment Notification failure 

  4. Direct debit payment which is not yet realised(usually takes 3-5) business days for the transactions to get processed

To move your Payment Due invoices to the Not Paid status, make sure you configure the Offline Dunning. To do this, Go to, Chargebee Dashboard, 


Configure Chargebee 

Dunning for Offline payments

Here is more information on Offline Dunning.

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