How to make the billing address mandatory in the self-serve portal when my customer reactivates his subscription?

Modified on: Sun, 23 Aug, 2020 at 7:05 AM

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How to collect the billing address and VAT details when my customer reactivates his subscription?


Chargebee lets you collect the billing address and VAT details in the self-serve portal of your customer (when he reactivates/creates a subscription). However as this is a separate block of information outside of the reactivate function, it will not prompt your customer to update the billing details before reactivating the subscription. 

To work around this, you can bring the reactivate function outside the portal where you can use the combination of our APIs to build a flow. 

How to do this?

  1. Have a reactivate button to trigger and retrieve the details

  2. Retrieve the custom details to check for billing address (You can check for other information like card and auto collection status)

    1. If billing address is present Reactivate the subscription

    2. If billing address is not present - Prompt the form at your end to collect the details (Requires developer assistance)

    3. Reactivate subscription (Proceed with 2.a)

Tip: We recommend you to set mandatory fields applicable on the portal.

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