How can I reactivate a subscription using the APIs?

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Reactivate subscription API

In-term and Out-term reactivation

A subscription can be reactivated via the web interface, using APIs or via the customer’s self-service portal account.

To do this via the API, use the Reactivate a Subscription API call. 

  • A subscription canceled from the Trial status can be reactivated in trial by specifying the trial end date in the trial_end param.

  • You can also reactivate a subscription from a different date by specifying the reactivate_from param. You can specify a past date for this parameter in case you want to keep the original billing cycle of the subscription in place.  

In-Term & Out-Term reactivation

In-term reactivation occurs when a subscription has been canceled due to non-payment after dunning and is reactivated within its current billing term. In this case, the billing term of the subscription will not be changed and no new invoice will be generated.

If the subscription is reactivated out-term or after the current billing term, a new term starts and an invoice is generated for the new term.



  1. Unpaid invoices will not be collected as part of the reactivation operation.

  2. Chargebee does not support calculating of proration for the in-term subscription change scenario. Hence, it should be calculated manually at your end and either credits or charges should be added accordingly.

  3. Any such subscription-level changes made to a canceled subscription would reactivate it. You can also use the Update a subscription API call to change and reactivate a subscription via the API. 

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