Can I reactivate a subscription by keeping the original term dates of the subscription in place?

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Is it possible to offer a trial period when reactivating a cancelled subscription?


A subscription can be manually reactivated in Chargebee's web interface by clicking the Reactivate Subscription link on the subscription details page.

Two kinds of Reactivation

The process of reactivation differs depending on when the subscription is cancelled.

General Reactivation

When a canceled subscription is reactivated, the billing term of the reactivated subscription will start from the past date/time of your choosing. If, for some reason, you choose to withhold a past date/time, the billing term of the reactivated subscription will start immediately with a new term. An invoice will be generated for the items subscribed to in both cases.

In-term Reactivation

When a subscription gets canceled due to non-payment after dunning, the reactivation of such subscriptions within their current billing term is termed as in-term reactivation.
For in-term reactivations, the billing term of the subscription does not change, and no new invoice will be generated. 

Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Subscription Reactivation. Under the In-term reactivation, you can configure the settings for in-term reactivation of canceled subscriptions.

Just hit the Reactivate Subscription option (on the right panel) on the subscription details page and use the Reactivate From field to set the past date (ideally from the previous billing date). This will immediately move the subscription to ACTIVE. 

Here's a screenshot.

Classic UI


Leap UI

Furthermore, you can move the subscription to the trial state by giving the trial end date in Trial Ends At field. When this is given, the Reactivate From date acts as the trial start date and the subscription moves to ACTIVE state once the trial ends.

Subscriptions that were cancelled due to Dunning and are being reactivated before the next billing date (at the time of cancellation) will be considered as interm-reactivation, and will not generate a new invoice.

Subscriptions that were cancelled by any other means (UI, API, Customer portal) will end the term immediately and reactivating them will charge the customer for the full term (a new invoice will be generated).

More information on this is here. To reactivate subscriptions in bulk, please refer to this link for more information.

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