How to use Merge(variable) Fields in Email notifications?

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How to add subscription or a customer-specific detail to emails in Chargebee?

How to add payment creditor info to an email?

Where are the merge(variable) fields listed in the Chargebee app?


Merge fields in Email notifications are used to personalize emails with your customer’s information present in Chargebee. To add the information to your notifications template you can use the Mergevars. 

You can insert these mergevars in the body of the email to display the information. Mergevars that render a link: Example, Pay Now can be embedded as a custom button.

To use Merge Fields for your Email Notifications, Go to Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Select the template > Click on View all Merge Fields and select one notification to obtain the merge field. 

To access the Mergevar fields use this sample format link: https://yoursite/notifications/mergevars

How to insert merge field as a link

  1. Click the "+" icon to add a section where you want to include the field as a link

  2. Click the “{}” to the right to select the field name(variable) from the list. (The changes made are automatically saved as drafts)

  3. Click the Publish (top right) to make it available for emails.

  4. You can also choose to use a button to embed the link, this way you can have a tidy button tucking away the raw link.

 How to insert merge field as a custom button

  1. Click the “View All Merge Fields” button to the bottom left of the page.

  2. Select an option from the list displayed and click “+” 

  3. Copy the link for example, to add a unique addon id select {{}} link 

  4. Now, Go back to Editing the email template

  5. Click “+” > Add button > Custom button

  6. Give Button a name

  7. Paste the {{}} in Link field and Publish.

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