You can use the line items merge tag (Settings > Email Notifications > Enable Email Notifications) to write plans/addons/coupons specific contents.

The line_item.type for plan, addon and coupon are as below:





1. Plan Specific 


{{#line_item.type= plan_charge}}

{{#line_item.description=basic}} // basic is a monthly plan here

You are on the plan - {{line_item.description}} : {{line_item.amount}}

Do you want to save 25% on your invoice? Simply sign up for an annual plan and get 25% off.


{{/line_item.type= plan_charge}}


2. Coupon Specific

{{#line_item.type= coupon_credit}}
Here are the coupon(s) applied in your invoice:

{{line_item.description}} : {{line_item.amount}}

{{#line_item.description=summer}} // summer is a one time coupon

Summer is a one time coupon and it'll not be applied on your next invoice


{{/line_item.type= coupon_credit}}