Can I make changes to a subscription at a specific future date?

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How to set changes to be applied on a specific date?


You can schedule changes to your subscription to be effective immediately, During the next renewal(term end), or on a specific date. 

Subscription renewal date can be changed in two ways,

  1. During the Change term-end 

  2. During Change subscription 


  • You can only set a specific date for changes in the future. We don’t support past dates.

  • This setting wouldn’t allow you to make changes to the existing proration and unbilled charges configured on your Chargebee site. To know more about this. Click here.

  • Only 1 change can be scheduled at any point on a subscription at a time. Re-scheduling will override the previous change.

    • Previously scheduled changes get stalled when you apply changes “On a specific date”.For example, if you have scheduled a coupon between the renewals then, then the coupon becomes effective and the discount applies to the subscription for the newly set specific date.

Apply Changes using the Chargebee Interface
You can apply changes via UI, using the“On a Specific date” option under three places.

  1. Under the customer profile

  2. In the subscriptions details page > Change subscription option

  3. From the Checkout & Self-serve portal where your customers can set their own dates

To check for the subscription changes that you can make, click here.

Apply Changes via API

When you apply changes to the subscription the existing changes will be overridden. 

To store the changes before using the “On a specific state” API store the event contents of the “Subscription Changed”(i.e. of any scheduled changes to the subscription) from Chargebee via Webhook or use retrieve with scheduled changes API and then apply Change subscription API


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