Stripe India for INR and non-INR transactions

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Does Chargebee support non-INR Stripe India transactions?


Chargebee supports Stripe India accounts for both INR and non-INR transactions.

  • For transactions in INR
    You need to have 3DS configured - This is to verify your customer’s identity and enable Multi-factor authentication

  • For transactions in Non-INR
    3DS configuration is not mandatory However, collect mandatory information such as plan name, billing address, shipping address to comply with the local regulation.

In stripe, Non-INR transactions are classified as Goods and Services. Based on your account type, configure the following settings in Chargebee:

  1. If you are selling “Services”

    • Billing and Card address is mandatory. 

    • To enable the Billing and Payment (Card) address fields, Go to Checkout & Self-Serve Portal > Fields > Billing > Address fields so that these details are collected during the checkout process. This information is sent to Stripe as soon as it is updated at the Chargebee end.

  2. If you are selling Physical goods

    • Billing, Shipping, and Card address are mandatory. 

    • To enable the settings, follow step 1 as mentioned above. Here, the shipping address is sent to Stripe individually for each transaction.

Note: The “Plan Name” is sent to Stripe for every transaction. Stripe uses this information for auditing purposes.

Tip: To prefill your customer’s address information and fasten checkout, Go to Dashboard, Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self-Serve Portal > Fields > Payments > select Billing from “In checkout, prefill address information from”.

Limitations (Goods)

  • One-time/Non-Recurring charges against customers without a subscription will not be processed due to the lack of shipping address.

  • Consolidated invoicing and Pay Now option with a different shipping address is not supported

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