How to move to a new Stripe account?

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How to migrate my customers card information to a different stripe account?

How to transition from old Stripe account to a new one?


If you are already using Chargebee with a Stripe account and need to move all/part of your customer card information from one of your existing Stripe accounts to a new one. All you need to do is get Stripe to migrate the card data between both the Stripe accounts, after which card data can be mapped to the new stripe account on Chargebee so that new payments/transactions are processed through the new account.


  • This article applies to users looking for migrate date from a Stripe gateway to another Stripe gateway.
  • Migrations are subject to a charge, after the 2nd migrations.
  • Migrations more that 10 records will only be take up by the migration team. 
  • For any migrations less than 10 records will need to be done manually, through the Chargebee Admin console, Bulk Operations or APIs.



  1. Both Stripe accounts need to be active, If you need to sign up for new Stripe account, you can contact Stripe Support, approval of the account is subject to Stripe's terms.
  2. Ensure you have configured that Both the Stripe account's in Chargebee, if your plan doesn't permit multiple gateways you will be required to upgrade your plan, if you need to have a second account only during the migration Chargebee support can enable that for you temporarily.
  3. All customer data should be in Chargebee, If you are looking to import Customer & Subscription data from an external source, Click Here to know more.


  1. Contact Chargebee support with the list of customer-ids on Chargebee for which you need move.
  2. Configure the new Stripe account in Chargebee and set up your gateway rule, as required.
  3. Chargebee support will reply back with the list of Stripe ID for the respective customers
  4. Contact Stripe Support, requesting for a migration, mentioning that you are looking move to another Stripe account.
    1. You need to be an authorized user on the Stripe account.
    2. While raising a request please inform Stripe support to maintain the original customer ids, this’ll make the mapping process easier.
  5. Once Stripe has migrated the card date to the new account, you will now have new payment reference Id's that can be mapped the existing customers in Chargebee.
  6. You can raise a Chargebee Migration request Settings > Import & Export Data > Raise a Migration Request > Request Migration.
    1. Our migration team will reach out to you.
    2. You will be requested to provide the migration team with the JSON or CSV file (which Stripe will share with you) from the new Stripe account that has the card mapping (old card ID vs New card ID along with the customer ID) after the cards are imported into the new account.
  7. Once the customer mapping is completed your customer's (updated with the new payment info) will be processed through the new gateway.

For more Information contact Chargebee support.

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