How do I restore a deleted Subscription? Undoing Delete operation

Modified on: Mon, 20 May, 2024 at 11:18 PM

This article covers 

I accidentally deleted a subscription but I want those details again. How do I get this? 

How do I find how a record was deleted and by whom? 


Deleting a record in Chargebee is an irreversible operation. However, you can still fetch the details of the deleted record for your reference or import them back into the application. Here’s how you can fetch the details of the record from the events :

Open the Event to obtain the details of the Subscriptions as that of the time of deletion

The same can be obtained by using List API and passing include_deleted = true

You can then use the Create or Import Subscription operation to restore the data in Chargebee. 

Note: Deleting Subscriptions deletes the invoices as well. They will have to be imported separately into Chargebee.

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