Can account hierarchy be overriden at a subscription level?

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How to override parent-child relationships on the subscription level?

Do we have an option to change the account hierarchy relationship?


You will be able to override the site-level account hierarchy set at the subscription level. This feature is useful in the case where a parent can manage one or more subscriptions and other subscriptions can be managed by the child account.

Prerequisite: Your account settings should allow overriding at the customer level.

To update the Account Hierarchy settings, Go to Chargebee Dashboard

> Settings

> Configure Chargebee

> Billing LogIQ

Customers & Subscriptions

> Account Hierarchy 

> Allow override at customer level

> Click Apply


How to override account hierarchy at subscription level: 

After you have configured the account hierarchy settings, please go back to the customer account. If the customer has multiple subscriptions, please follow the below steps:

1. Select one of the subscriptions for which you like to modify the hierarchy.

2. After you are on the account hierarchy page, on the right side of the page you will have an option of “Override Relationship” as shown below:

3. After you click on the option, you will be given the option to confirm (as shown below) your choice and the relationship will be overridden and all the subscription actions will be handled by the child.

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