I have initiated a refund mistakenly. Can I reverse it now?

Modified on: Fri, 14 Jul, 2023 at 7:58 PM

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I had mistakenly refunded an amount from an invoice. The credit note status is Refunded now. Will it be possible to stop or reverse this refund process?


Refund is an irreversible process in Chargebee. Once you initiate the refund process from any invoice, we cannot reverse the process to the previous stage. We always recommend you double-check the correct invoice or customer account before initiating the Refund. 


Once a refund is already initiated from an invoice in your Chargebee site, it is not possible to stop and reverse the process of refund. It is a completely irreversible process. This is why we recommend you to double-check the correct invoice or customer account before initiating the Refund. A refund against any transaction is processed by the gateway connected to your Chargebee site. Chargebee is only triggering or initiating the refund process to the gateway only

If you have generated any Refundable credit note but you have not initiated the refund from that particular credit note and the credit note status is Refund due and you do not want to refund back to the customer or provide the credits to be applied, then you can void the Refundable credit note to remove the credits. This credis will not be applied to a new invoice and also in future none of your users will initiate refund from the credit note mistakenly.

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