One time Charges are not getting included in the regenerated invoice. Why?

Modified on: Tue, 18 Jul, 2023 at 12:10 PM

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I have voided an invoice for a subscription in the current billing cycle. Now when I am trying to generate it only the recurring items are getting included but the one time charges or items. Why?


This is an expected behavior that the one-time charges will not be included in the invoice while regenerating the invoice for a particular subscription. You need to click on the "Add One-Time Charges and Quick Charges" and keep the unbilled charges selected instead of the invoice immediately. Then instead of generating the invoice an unbilled charge will be created for the non-recurring addon.


Now while regenerating the invoice select the “Unbilled Charges”, then invoice both unbilled charges together.


Currently in Chargebee when we are trying to void and regenerate any invoice which is belonging to the current billing period, then the new regenerated invoice will not carry the one-time charges in it. The void and regeneration will only work for the recurring items included in the subscription.

Now as a workaround, you can charge the customer once again for that One time no recurring addon by clicking on the "Add One-Time Addons and Quick Charges" and keeping the Unbilled charges selected instead of the invoice immediately. Instead of generating the invoice, an unbilled charge will be created for the nonrecurring addon.

When you try to regenerate the invoice, keep the Unbilled charges selected instead of the invoice immediately once again. After this, it will be added as unbilled charges. You can invoice both unbilled charges together to have all the items in the same invoice and apply the Tax as well.

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