Why does Standard email templates do not have email segmentation?

Modified on: Tue, 25 Jul, 2023 at 5:42 PM

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Why do Standard email templates not have email segmentation?

Why can't I add a segment for the Request Payment Method Update email?

Why can't I add a segment for the Collect Payment email?

Why can't I add a segment for the Request 3D secure payment authentication email?

Why can't I add a segment for the send invoice or send credit note or send quote email?


Under the email notifications, we have a special feature “Segments”, which is a way of segmenting a set of customers based on certain criteria and this assures that only that specific segment of customers who only be receiving the email when.

However, there are certain email notifications for which we cannot apply segmentation i.e. the manage segment would not be present. These email notifications are present under Standard email.

  • Request Payment Method Update

  • Collect Payment

  • Request 3D secure payment authentication

  • Send Invoice

  • Send credit note

  • Send quote

The reason for the Manage Segment option not being available is that these are emails sent as a consequence or event triggered manually, to specifically send this email to a particular customer.

As we would be able to see that the Request Payment Method Update and Collect Payment are the options available in the UI, on the Subscription page for a customer, which is used when you, as a merchant would like to collect the payment for the invoices or would request the customers to update their payment method. Similarly, Send Invoice, Send credit note, and Send quote are options available in the UI against each of the specified entities. Since these are manually triggered emails, the segmentation wouldn't be applicable to these emails.

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