How does Chargebee take care of Chargeback fees?

Modified on: Wed, 26 Jul, 2023 at 5:10 PM

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How does Chargebee take care of Chargeback fees?

Every Chargeback has a Chargeback fee, how does Chargebee account that?


There is a chargeback fee associated with every chargeback. When the dispute is initiated, this fee is deducted from our account along with the subscription cost. 


As far as chargebacks are concerned, they are processed in the gateway, similar to any payments/refunds, and Chargebee is used to just automatically record those transactions. The transactions take place in the payment gateway and Chargebee is informed about it. So any fees involved in processing the Chargeback will be handled by the gateway only.

The merchant should reach out to the respective gateway to see what chargeback fees are involved.

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