Can we change the order status back to Queued from Awaiting Shipment?

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We have set the shipped date wrongly by mistake and now the order status is Awaiting Shipment. Will it be possible to change the status back to Queued so that we can change the Shipped date?


Unfortunately, it will not be possible to change Order status back to Queued when it is already Awaiting Shipment or other than that. Although there are two ways on how you can manage the Order as a workaround - 

1. If the invoice associated to the Order is belonging to the current billing period then you can void and regenerate the invoice. That will help to cancel the order automatically and create a new one in Queued state  

2. Cancel the current Order and import a new one instead via the Import_an_Order API call.


If the current order is already in the state of Awaiting Shipment then it will not be possible to change the Shipped Date of the Order or change the Order back to the Queued state.

There are 2 workarounds on how you can change the Shipped date,

1. If the invoice associated to the Order is belonging to the current billing period then you can Void the invoice and regenerate the invoice once again. During the Void and Regeneration process, Order  will be marked as Canceled automatically and a new Order will be generated after the regenerating the invoice, with a new Order ID and the regenerated invoice will also have a new invoice ID assigned to it.

If the invoice is already in Paid state so Void option will not be available for the invoice. So to Void and regenerate the invoice please follow the steps below,

1. Open the invoice and scroll down to the Payments and Credits section below.

2. Click on the 3 dots option menu available at the Payments and Credits section 

3. Click on Remove and the linked payment will be removed from the invoice and will be stored as excess payment at the customer balance

4. After that you will get Void option at the right-hand side action panel on the same invoice details page

5. After voiding the invoice the order will be canceled automatically and then get back to the Subscription of the invoice which is voided. 

6. You will get the Regenerate option at the top of the subscription page, click on it

7. Choose the Full term and select the Invoice option. Then click on Preview and generate the invoice

8. Once the new invoice will be regenerated with a new ID, a new Order will be created with a new Order ID.

2. Now the other process is to cancel the Order and Import another Order with the updated Shipping date with this API call.

While importing the Order you have to pass a new ID and the status in Queued. You need to pass the invoice number and subscription ID in order to link the imported Order.

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