Is it possible to assign payment methods specific to location?

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Is it possible to set the routing logic for multiple payment methods according to location?


We do have a Smart Routing feature, but it actually depends on the payment method that the customer chooses and the currency of the transaction.

So it wouldn’t be possible to route according to location however if you are on the Enterprise plan you can achieve this by using Multi-Entity fea
ture that adds feasibility to a great extent. We will be using US and Canadian customers for understanding the workflow.


The Multi-Business-Entity model has two levels - Site and Business Entity, with the Site being at the parent level (US customers) and the Business Entity at the child level (Canadian customers). In order to use this option, we need to first enable this feature from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Multiple Entity Support. Also, refer to this link to know about Multi-Entity limitations

However, as per your business needs, we need to make sure we configure these three features.
1. Multi-Entity: To create individual site configurations for US customers and for Canadian customers. For example (US) & (CA).

2. Restrict Countries on Checkout: To restrict countries on checkout allowing only specific billing countries, for example (US) allows only US customers, and (CA) allows only Canadian customers. 

3. Smart Routing rules: Set specific rules respective to sites, for example, (US) limiting US customers to direct debit and (CA) Canadian customers would be enabled to pay via a credit card gateway.

Step 1: Enable the Multi-Entity feature and you can use Site-level for one country i.e. US and Entity-level for another country i.e., CA. Refer to this link on how to create Multiple Business Entities. 

Step 2: Now to ensure that we use the Direct Debit payment method for US customers and card payment for Canadian customers, we need to restrict other countries. You can configure this from Configure Chargebee> Checkout & Self-Serve Portal> Fields> Billing> Address Fields> Country. Refer to this link for more information.

Step 3: Once we have created individual sites for each country and restricted the countries on checkout, all we have to do is just set Smart Routing rules respectively. We need to disable all the payment methods and enable direct debit on the site US, and disable all the payment methods and enable card payments on the site CA. Refer to this link for more information.

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