What would be shown in the Summary of Scheduled Changes email section?

Modified on: Tue, 11 Jul, 2023 at 5:07 PM

What is the summary of scheduled changes section in the subscription change email notification?

What would happen to the scheduled changes section email notification if there were no subscription changes?

Customer renewal emails do not reflect upcoming subscription changes.
The subscription renewal reminder email shows incorrect (unchanged) upcoming subscription amount


There are two solutions

  1. We have introduced the Summary of Scheduled Changes smart section. Where you can add this to existing “Subscription changed” and “Subscription renewal reminder” email templates.

This will list the scheduled plan/add-on/coupon changes along with the date on which the change will be applied.

Also, you can include an Estimated Charge on Renewal, which details the subscription's updated price.

  1. You can include the subscription/invoice estimate fields in the subscription renewal reminder email notification.

If there are no scheduled subscription changes, then the Summary of Scheduled Changes section automatically disappears in the Subscription Changes email notification.

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